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No, these fees offer different levels of access to your healthcare team. Extended access fees do not cover “extra time, coordination of care,” or anything else that health insurance or Medicare covers.

No, there is a one-year contract that you can cancel or it auto-renews on your anniversary date.

Yes, for the convenience of our clients, we bill Medicare and other private insurance providers for all covered services. All applicable co-pays are collected at the time of service.

Yes, a number of our clients are not covered by health insurance. We offer these clients the option to pay directly for their services. 

It is the opinion of CMBH that everyone should protect themselves with a health insurance policy. Nevertheless, we do not offer any sort of financial, insurance, or legal advice, nor do we endorse any specific providers of these services. Please research professional guidance for any related questions. 

Furthermore, Extended Access fees are in no way any type of insurance and should not be relied on. Fees for all clinical services are billed separately. 

Membership fees are intended to enhance accessibility to our healthcare team and providers, not to be used as any type of health insurance. Membership fees do not cover anything that is covered by Medicare or health insurance, including office visits, laboratory tests, or procedures. Please contact an insurance specialist for any advice or guidance for your specific needs.

Most of our members value their time.  Thus, one of our greatest strengths is getting clients in quickly and adhering to agreed-upon appointment times. We strive to start appointments precisely at the agreed-upon time. We don’t schedule appointments for overlap expecting a percentage of patients not to "no-show." Additionally, we schedule ample time to address your healthcare concern and not make you feel rushed.

After-hours contact can vary in response time, but we strive to respond as quickly as possible.